Landlord’s Corner – Evictions and Unauthorized Practice of Law

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A. Right to Proceed Pro Se

In Ohio,Guest Posting a person can always represent himself in court. This is called appearing “pro se” and is a common (though unwise) practice where very little is at stake, such as in small claims courts around the state. Why is it unwise? The two main reasons are that attorneys who regularly perform evictions will be a great deal more familiar with the ins and outs of the law than the lay person. Secondly, an attorney will see the case objectively, and a dispassionate eye is a more effective observer of events than the landlord who may see things subjectively, having his vision clouded by emotions.

B. Representing Other Persons or Entities

But to represent another person or another entity (such as a company, a trust, or an LLC), you must be certified by the Ohio Supreme Court to practice law or you are engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. This rule affects landlords whose property is owned by a corporation or managed by a rental company. Owning a property in a corporate form has become very popular lately as a way of limiting the landlord’s personal liability. This way, if the landlord is sued because of an injury at the property, the most he can lose is the value of the property (assuming his insurance isn’t enough to cover it). His personal assets cannot be touched.

In the past, some landlords tried to file evictions via their employees, or tried to file the actions themselves on behalf of the corporation owning the property. They reasoned that since they were the 100 percent owners of all the shares of the corporation, they should be able to represent it in court. The problem was that these employees and corporate shareholders were not attorneys.

1. Ruling from the Ohio Supreme Court

In the case of Cleveland Bar Association v. Picklo, (2002), 96 Ohio St.3d 195, Lynn Picklo had been filing complaints in the Cleveland Municipal Court, Housing Division, for forcible entry and detainer [evictions], as well as for the recovery of past due rents. Picklo was not licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio, but she nevertheless filed these claims and appeared in court on behalf of the property owner since she was the rental manager.

Top 5 Industries to Make a Better Career Choice in Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus is a great source of attraction for job seekers from all over the world. This is one city that would allow the average job seeker to find a great job that is not only accommodating to your skills, but can also deliver the salary you prefer. For these two simple reasons, different people come to the Ohio to make their career a reality. In this article, we have researched and developed a list of career opportunities that have the highest potential for jobs in Columbus. The people who have skills in any of the given areas will have a better chance at landing a job in Columbus, Ohio.

1. Healthcare: Healthcare is the leading industry that has most job seekers and job fulfillment in Columbus, Ohio. The best part is that jobs in the healthcare industry are typically some of your better paid jobs as well. A person who has an interest in healthcare or the required skills should apply for relevant healthcare jobs in Columbus, Ohio. In order to find a dream job with a higher salary in a quick manner, the applicant should possess the skill set and previous work experience to fulfill the requirements of a typical healthcare professional. When you go out searching for employment on a website that lists the available opportunities in Ohio, you can rest assured that you will find hundreds or thousands of career opportunities in the healthcare industry in Columbus.

2. Restaurants: To help pay bills while finishing school or while searching for a dream job, some people choose to have a part time job at a local restaurant serving customers or at a local bar bartending or bar backing. People who are searching for part time jobs in Ohio can always find great opportunities working in the food service industry. Columbus, Ohio has an extensive and rapidly growing food service industry both downtown, on campus and in the suburbs of Gahanna, Worthington, Dublin and Upper Arlington. Different people, who move to Columbus to go to school at The Ohio State University, most often opt for restaurant jobs in Columbus, because there are more available and they are easier to find. These jobs are ideal for part timers, who want to do other activities alongside their day job. These job seekers are often looking forward to earn some extra income on a part time basis only. Some may argue that part time jobs typically lead to a dead end, but there are often times where a quality part time employee will be picked up by management for a full time position.

3. Customer Service: This is another area that is not only suitable for full timers, but also is a great way to make money and gain experience for part timers as well as interns. In the list of all the Columbus, Ohio jobs or career opportunities, this category comes in third, which is still relatively well paid and is easy to find job openings online. Several thousand students from The Ohio State University and Columbus State University opt for customer service jobs in Columbus because they can quickly fill the need for employers to hire operators need in call centers. Call center operators answer customer questions and problems with knowledgeable advice. Call center operators may also be required to bring to the table sales experience as well as being a talented, well spoken individual. Call center operators are not the only types of customer service jobs in Columbus. There are hundreds of other categories for jobs in the customer service industry, yet this industry ranks third in our list.

4. Information Technology: If you are an IT professional, then you already have an edge among all others applying in this industry because this is the field that is becoming a part of almost every industry statewide and nationwide. Finding a well paying state job in Ohio is not at all difficult for the IT professionals. The local city government in Columbus, Ohio needs IT professionals more so than ever before. Furthermore, there are several private companies as well as publicly held Fortune 500 companies that offer career opportunities in the area of IT and systems administration. In most cases we discovered that of the top job listing websites in Columbus, this industry ranks in fourth place in terms of the number of offered jobs and potential for employment.

5. Real Estate: The real estate industry has exploded in recent years in Columbus and continues to do so despite the economic recession and government setbacks. The real estate industry holds strong in the greater Columbus area and offers great potential for those job hunting in real estate sales, service or development. Ironically, this industry also has a large opportunity for work and long term employment in Columbus, Ohio. If you want to start a career in real estate, then Columbus may be the nation’s best place to get a job in real estate with the least risk. Most real estate professionals start out in a leasing office or as an assistant to a marketing or sales professional. From there, most candidates go on to gain their real estate license and continuing education from one of the area’s universities. Once you have gained a good reputation and have relevant work experience under your belt, you are already well on your way to landing your dream job while maintaining the opportunity to make a sizeable income. Fact is that most real estate industry employees stay within the industry once they obtain their proper licenses to sell real estate in Ohio.